Soil Moisture Sensor Field Demonstration Day

By K-State Research And Extension
March 17, 2017

Tuesday, March 21 at 10 a.m., four miles northwest of Holcomb

Moisture sensors have shown to improve water productivity on irrigated crop fields and assist producers to make data driven water management decisions. A Soil Moisture Sensor Field Demonstration will be held for producers to see these tools in the field for consideration in their own operations.

The one of a kind demonstration opportunity will be held Tuesday, March 21at 10 a.m., located four miles northwest of Holcomb, KS at the Roth/Garden City Company Water Technology Farm, 5631 N Ritchel Rd. The field day will include demonstrations by multiple soil moisture sensor vendors to show installation, operation techniques and data interpretation.

“I have found at the farm soil moisture probes do make a difference both economically and with water savings,” said Dwane Roth of Roth/Garden City Company Water Technology Farm. “This has shown there is hope for the future and sustainability can be achieved for the next generation.”

Ten dealers will be participating in the demonstrations and there will also be a raffle for two moisture probes. The ten different soil moisture sensors that will be shown represent about 90 percent of the major manufacturers of these devices used in agricultural application. K-State Research and Extension will also provide tips in selecting and using the probes, allowing producers to see how these tools can assist with their own water management decisions.

For more information visit: or email Jonathan Aguilar, [email protected] .

The event is hosted by K-State Research and Extension, The Garden City Company Water Technology Farm and the Kansas Water Office. The following will be participating/or demonstrating on Tuesday: Alliance Irrigation, American Irrigation, CropMetrics, CropX, EcoDrip, Garden City Coop, Hortau, Phytech, Servi-Tech and Tri-State Irrigation.