By McPherson Police Department
March 20, 2017

McPherson KS Police Department


McPherson, despite its size, reflects a small town feel & a family-friendly atmosphere. However, we have found burglaries & thefts continue to be an issue for our community.

With that in mind, we'd like to remind residents to use precautions to help themselves & law enforcement keep our community safe.

It's our goal to apprehend criminals when they commit crime, but also to deter them from criminal activity altogether, & prevent our citizens from becoming victims. We are encouraging you to begin the #9pmRoutine.

The Pasco County (FL) Sheriff's Office originally introduced the #9pmRoutine & we believe it will be successful here in McPherson.

The idea is to remind residents to check their property (cars, sheds, front, & back doors) every night at 9 pm; assuring they have locked up everything before going to bed.

This small step can make a huge difference. Occasionally, we catch criminals in the act. However, if a resident locks up their items & removes them from sight, they apply a tremendous effort in removing a criminal's opportunity even to commit a crime.

This routine comes from the philosophy that for a crime to be committed the Crime Triangle:


Desire, & Opportunity,

All three must be in place. Simply removing one leg of this Triangle markedly reduces crime.

In closing, the McPherson KS Police Department asks you to begin the #9pmRoutine. Please check & lock your home, cars, & outbuildings every evening at 9 pm.

Some additional thoughts & reminders are to utilize outdoor lighting (bad guys don't want to be seen) --even consider motion sensor lighting, trim trees & shrubs to reduce hiding places around your property, add or repair locking mechanisms, or even consider an alarm system for your home or outbuildings to boost security.

You may also consider adding a dog to your family.

Please keep valuables out of sight. This means removing your purse, wallet, weapons, & cash from your car or truck.

This also applies in your home, keeping those items out of view from windows where blinds are up or curtains are open, thereby removing temptation even from passersby.