Kansas Book Festival Winners

By KBBE News
March 27, 2017

Kansas First Lady Mary Brownback today announced the winners of the 2017 Kansas Book Festival library grants. This year’s winners plan to purchase a 3D printer, iPad minis, new computers and an updated biography section.

“The Kansas Book Festival works year round to promote literacy and encourage a life-long love of reading,” said First Lady Brownback. “These grants will help preserve and improve local and school libraries across the state.”

The 3 public and school libraries will share in receiving a portion of the $9,267 in grants. 2017 Technology Grants

Elmendaro Township Library

Hartford, $3,000

Lincoln Library

Medicine Lodge, $3,767

2017 Book Grants

McCarter Elementary School

Topeka, $2,500

Kansas Book Festival Fund is a 501c3 organization through the Topeka Community Foundation. The grants themselves are funded through corporate and individual sponsors.

“These grants will help libraries to purchase new technology like computers, iPads and eBooks as well as a wide range of reading materials for a variety of reading levels,” said First Lady Brownback.

The 2017 Kansas Book Festival will be held September 9 at the Kansas State Capitol in Topeka. All age groups are invited to attend the free, day-long event.

To learn more, visit kansasbookfestival.com.