Emergency Notification System

By KBBE News
March 29, 2017

In an effort to best assure the community receives notice of an emergent situation when quick notification is essential, the City of McPherson and McPherson County utilize an Emergency Notification System powered by Everbridge.

This is a tool for Public Safety Officials similar to what Reno County used to evacuate the area during the recent wildfires. The McPherson system is designed to notify the public about events that may place community members in harm’s way.

Potential events include the need for evacuation, wildfires, floods, lockdowns, chemical spills or severe weather. The Notification System can provide notifications of the public in a specific area, the entire City or all of McPherson County if such a need arose.

The Emergency Notification System sends a message directly to an individual’s home phone, cell phone, email, hearing impaired receiving device, SMS text message and/or business phone number(s) by the Public Safety Dispatcher.

The Everbridge system will attempt to reach an individual’s second contact resource and/or will continue trying to reach the individual until that person confirms receipt of the message.

The success of this service depends on McPherson County having correct contact information from individuals. This is the only way to ensure Public Safety Officials contact individuals in an emergent situation when mass notification is essential.

The current system holds data supplied from several resources: AT&T, the White Pages, the Yellow pages and citizens of McPherson County who register online.

If they have not done so already, residents are urged to enroll through the McPherson County website at:member.everbridge.net/index/892807736723086#/signup

The enrollment process is limited to a few minutes. For more information or enrollment assistance, contact:

McPherson County Emergency Management/McPherson 911 Communications Director Julie McClure at 620.245.1260

or Assistant Director Tim Hawkinson at 620.245.1265.