Family Video Building Razed

By Chris Conde
March 29, 2017
Chris Conde

The Family Video building in the 800 block of East Kasnas Avenue is being demolished.

 The building had 5 rooftop AC units that weigh approximately 550 lbs. A supporting wall was removed at some point and caused instability in the building. The roof gave way under the weight of one of the AC units and caved in on the west side. 

Family Video shut down right away after the incident and began discussing if they would sell or rebuild, their decision was to sell the building. Family Video Has been in talks with the owners of Kwik Shop in hopes that they would buy the building. Kwik Shop does not own the building they are currently in and has not been able to confirm that they will be able to purchase the building any time soon.

A date of March 30 was given as a deadline by the City Commission.