Gov. Brownback Has Signed 12 Bills

By KBBE News
March 29, 2017

 Kansas Governor Sam Brownback has signed the following eight bills into law:

Tuesday, March 28, 2017:

SB 166 – Exempts Cleveland University-Kansas City from the private and out-of-state postsecondary educational institution act.

SB 66 – Reforms state bank commission appointments.

SB 17 – Amends the Fair Access to Insurance Requirements (FAIR) plan.

SB 15 – Updates the effective date of risk based capital instructions.

HB 2109 – Authorizes the state board of regents to sell particular pieces of property.

SB 68 – Establishes the Kansas Lay Caregiver Act.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017:

SB 32 – Adopts recommendations of the Rural Health Care Workgroup headed by Lt. Governor Jeff Colyer to expand medical student loan agreements for psychiatric residencies.

HB 2192 – Officially renames “Lake Scott State Park” as “Historic Lake Scott State Park.”

The Governor has now signed 12 bills into law this session and vetoed one. By law, the Kansas governor has 10 calendar days to sign the bill into law, veto the bill or allow the bill to become law without his signature.