Body Of American Found In The Congo Is The Son Of Hesston College Professor

By Chris Conde
March 29, 2017

Michael Sharp,USA, along with Zaida Catalan, Sweden, was working for the United Nations when they went missing in the Democratic Republic of the Congo's Kasai Central province. 

The two were reported kidnapped on March 13. On Tuesday Rueters News Service, Al Jazeera, and The Associated Press reported that their bodies had been found in a shallow grave.

In the grave they found Michael Sharp, Zaida Catalan and their Congolese interpreter. The woman found had been beheaded.

The three along with 3 Congolese drivers the 6 were traveling by motorcycle when they were abducted. It is unclear when they were taken on a bridge near the village of Ngombe.

The kidnappers have yet to be identified.

Michale Sharp is the son of Hesston Professor John Sharp and Medical Worker Michele Miller Sharp.