Please Share The Road

By KBBE News
March 30, 2017

Spring is here and with it comes the planting season. An increased number of farm trucks and machinery can be found traveling on county roads. Along with the recent fires there is even more work to do.

If you are driving in or near a rural area, here are some tips to follow.

Always be on the lookout for farm machinery. Remember it can unexpectedly turn onto public roads from a field or driveway.

Farm machinery typically travels at 25 mph or less, so be prepared to slow down in order to avoid a rear-end collision.

Other farm trucks may be In a big hurry and may not see you. Give them plenty of room.

Keep a safe distance. This gives better visibility to both drivers and equipment operators.

Allow adequate time and distance for farm equipment to make wide turns.

Just because you see the equipment does not mean the equipment operator sees you.

Farm operators can perform a few check to make driving safer too.

Check to make sure lighting and flashers are working properly and use them at all times of day.

Display a slow-moving vehicle (SMV) sign on the back of the implement.

Be careful of soft edges on the roadway when giving way for oncoming traffic.

Stay alert at all times, particularly since long hours during harvest can impair your judgment

As always, follow all posted traffic signs, slow down in work zones and most importantly, share the road.