Jobs Report 3.31.17

By Chris Conde
March 31, 2017

Many Americans today face long-term un-employment. Having been without a job for 6 months or more is not only damaging to your finances and your resume but can also damage your mental and physical health.

A 2013 study by The Urban Institute says that the longer one goes unemployed the higher the mortality rate becomes. The anxiety and depression set in and crush the will of the unemployed.

It is important to break the cycle of unemployment as soon as possible.

First check your attitude. The longer you are out of work the nerve racking finding a job can be. It can be helpful to find a counselor or learn to meditate to learn to clear your mind.

Connect with friends and talk about work experiences.

Get out and exercise. If you can’t be working you can be getting healthy. Exercise increases blood flow and more blood helps the brain think more clearly.

Break Away from the computer. Online sites are helpful but there is no substitute for hitting the streets and meeting employers.

Build a great resume of your achievements, not just a list of things you’ve been paid for. Be proud of the thing you are capable of and employers will take notice.

Jobs in McPherson a plentiful. New jobs this week include: bartender, medical assistant, and software sales associate.

Don’t hesitate. Your job is waiting today. Get up and Get to work.