Letter of Support for Healthy Communities Grant

By KBBE News
April 03, 2017

We are committed to partnering with Prairie View and other community leaders to study the issues around improving health equity in our community. The Healthy Communities Initiative: Improving Health Equity in Kansas Grant will allow Prairie View to gather together leaders who can impact disparities for populations that will be identified through research. The grant will allow adequate resources to study and gather data to help the local area to understand the local inequities and better identify barriers. Additionally the grant will help identify strategies to authentically engage the population while developing policy, systems and interventions that will address health inequity. Many discussions have taken place over the past year and now is the time to move forward in strategies to change the health disparities that profoundly affect everyone in a community. As a supporter of the initiative the City of McPherson Organization will be an active partner in efforts to make a change in health disparities. We understand as data is collected, there may be opportunity for Prairie View and other partnering agencies to engage and empower efforts in new ways. We are encouraged to see Prairie View’s leadership motivated to press on with these efforts. Changes in health equity practices and policies will be made for the betterment of our residents. Sincerely, Thomas A. Brown Mayor