'Pups capture prestigious John Markham Classic

By Steve Sell
April 10, 2017

GODDARD — McPherson High’s tennis team was missing its No. 1 doubles team of Nolan Schrader and Kaden Stewart on Saturday for the prestigious John Markham Classic.

Not to worry.

The Bullpups’ depth shone through as they still took first place in one of the strongest fields they’ll compete in this year.

The Bullpups were solid in singles as Jarrod Nowak and Andrew Snell were third and fourth, respectively. Nowak won three of his four matches, while Snell completed the day 3-2. They had to play each other in the third-place match, with Nowak winning 8-4.

In doubles, Patrick Munsey and Hadley Hageman went 3-2 for seventh, while the all-freshman team of Jackson Schrader and Rhett Edmonson was 2-3 for 12th.

“With Nolan and Kaden sitting this tournament out, I wasn't really sure how our team would finish at such a tough meet,” MHS coach Tyler Brown said. “But, I was probably the most pleased with the freshmen Jackson Schrader and Rhett Edmonson. You never know how freshmen will respond in a big meet like this one and they responded in a big way.”

Brown said they pulled off a big comeback win against an Independence team in the first round, a key to the day.

 “In the first round they found themselves down 4-7 to Independences No. 2 doubles team and they came back to win in a tiebreaker,” Brown said. “Rhett and Jackson will be the future of Bullpup tennis.  They are talented and are having to play behind some upperclassmen that are some of the best in the state. Our other four veterans of the team — Jarrod, Andrew, Patrick and Hadley — did what they were expected to do. With a total team effort we were able to walk away with a team victory at a really tough meet.”

MHS scored 124 points in the meet to outlast 6A power Lawrence Free State, which scored 118. Independence outlasted Maize 116-114 for third. There were 14 teams in all, most of them 6A or 5A schools.

The Bullpups host an invitational on Saturday at the MHS Tennis Complex.

• Singles •

1. Schroeder, Independence, def. Hollis, Arkansas City, 5-0 (retired, injury); 3. Nowak, McPherson, def. Snell, McPherson, 8-4; 5. Klaassen, Arkansas City, def. Nickel, Free State, 8-5; 7. Howard, Eisenhower, def. Bass, Independence, 8-4; 9. Severud, Hutchinson, def. Price, BV West, 8-2; 11. Pultz-Earle, Free State, def. Russell, Maize South, 8-2; 13. Bowman, Derby, def. Pfeifer, Maize, 8-4; 15. Gaudreau, Topeka West, def. Hernandez, Hutchinson, 8-5; 15.

Quarterfinals: Hollis, Arkansas City, def. Nickel, Free State, 8-4; Snell, McPherson, def. Bass, Independence, 8-3; Nowak, McPherson, def. Howard, Eisenhower, 8-0; Schroeder, Independence, def. Klaasen, Arkansas City, 8-2. Semifinals: Hollis, Arkansas City, def. Snell, McPherson, 8-3; Schroeder, Independence, def. Nowak, McPherson, 8-4.

• Doubles •

1. Jobe-Schreiner, Maize, def. Schabel-Hilger, Independence, 8-5; 3. Czapinski-Rasmussen, Free State, def. Rice-Shima, Topeka West, 8-7 (3); 5. Kratzer-Ohnmeis, Maize, def. Anderson-McGreevy, Eisenhower, 8-7 (3); 7. Hageman-Munsey, McPherson, def. Gonzalez-Kuebler, Topeka West, 8-0; 9. Palmer-Simmons, Derby, def. Pascual-Melvin, Free State, 8-5; 11. Schultz-Cole, Maize, def. Schrader-Edmonson, McPherson, 8-5; 13. Winter-Mies, Conway Springs, def. Talbert-Apsley, Campus, 8-2; 15. Stout-Sherman, BV West, def. Tatum-Winter, Goddard, 8-5.

Quarterfinals: Czapinski-Ramussen, Free State, def. Kratzer-Ohnmeis, Maize, 8-1; Schabel-Hilger, Independence, def. Hageman-Munsey, McPherson, 8-6; Rice-Shima, Topeka West, def. Anderson-McGreevy, Eisenhower, 8-6; Jobe-Schreiner, Maize, def. Gonzales-Kuebler, Topeka West, 8-1. Semifinals: Schabel-Hilger, Independence, def. Czapinski-Rasmussen, Free State, 8-6; Jobe-Schreiner, Maize, def. Riche-Shima, Topeka West, 8-6.