Ozone Alert In Wichita, Those With Respiratory Illnesses Should Take Precautions

By KBBE News
April 11, 2017

An Ozone Alert has been issued for Wichita and surrounding communities for Tuesday, April 11, meaning high ozone levels are potentially unhealthy for youth, seniors, people with respiratory disease like asthma or emphysema, adults who spend prolonged time outdoors and others identified as members of sensitive groups.

Current atmospheric conditions indicate high ozone levels. On Ozone Alert days, residents and businesses are asked to take steps to reduce the emissions that create ozone. The more actions taken, the more likely the community will keep ozone levels below the standard set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Following are recommended Ozone Alert day actions:

• Refuel when it’s cool (after 6 p.m. or after dark);

• Walk or ride your bike to work;

• Delay mowing;

• Stop fueling at the sound of the click;

• Take your lunch to work to avoid driving during the hottest part of the day;

• Turn off your car or don’t idle more than 30 seconds;

• Postpone errands; and

• Delay painting projects.

Ozone is a harmful air pollutant. Heat and sunlight “bake” the emissions from vehicles, mowers, energy production and industries forming ozone. Keeping Wichita’s ozone levels under EPA standards is important for personal health, community health and the regional economy. Stricter federal regulations may occur if ozone levels exceed set limits.

The community will be advised of conditions through the City of Wichita Facebook page, the City’s website (www.wichita.gov), Cox cable Channel 7; and by following @BeAirAwareKS on Twitter and Instagram. For more information, please visit www.wichita.gov/ozone.