Gov. Brownback Signs 14 Bills Into Law

By KBBE News
April 13, 2017

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback signed the following 14 bills into law Wednesday, April 12:

Sub for Sub for SB 95 – Authorizes the use of telephonic signatures for public assistance applications.

SB 184 – Enacts the Kansas Intelligence Fusion Center Act.

HB 2006 – Addresses how vacancies on county commissions are filled.

HB 2025 – Amends regulations related to the Kansas Board of Nursing and laws related to Mental Health Technicians.

S Sub for HB 2027 – Amends the Kansas Healing Arts Act.

HB 2030 – Changes the law related to vaccination and reporting requirements.  

HB 2043 – Amends certain financial examination requirements by the Kansas Insurance Commissioner.

S Sub for HB 2055 – Amends the Kansas Pharmacy Act.

HB 2094 – Addresses interlocal cooperation among local government entities. 

HB 2118 – Provides liability exceptions and inactive provider coverage limits under the health care provider insurance availability act.

HB 2137 – Allows county commissioners and members of city government to serve in various volunteer capacities.

HB 2140 – Adopts the Great Plains Interstate Fire Compact to promote prevention and control of wild fires in the Great Plains region.

S Sub for HB 2174 – Authorizes various distinctive license plates and allows persons with distinctive plates to obtain a wheel chair emblem.  

S Sub for HB 2304 – Amends law regarding standards and regulations of maternity centers and child care facilities.  

The Governor has now signed 45 bills into law this session and vetoed two. By law, the Kansas governor has 10 calendar days to sign the bill into law, veto the bill or allow the bill to become law without his or her signature.