Traffic Stop: Motorcycle Awareness

By KBBE News/ McPherson PD Executive Sergeant Mo Hawkinson
May 03, 2017

May is Motorcycle Awareness Month

The following is not traffic law, but addresses motorcycle awareness in the City of McPherson. Most of the following is from either the Kansas Driving Handbook or the Kansas Motorcycle Operator Manual.

Motorcycles have the same rights & responsibilities on public roadways as other drivers. Special conditions & situations, however, often cause greater problems for motorcyclists.

Drivers of other vehicles should be aware of these problems to SHARE THE ROAD safely with motorcyclists. Drivers turning left in front of oncoming motorcyclists are the primary cause of a large percentage of vehicle versus motorcycle collisions. Drivers often fail to pick a motorcyclist out of the traffic scene, or inaccurately judge the speed of the oncoming motorcycle.

Be aware of this perpetual problem & LOOK TWICE!

We offer a BIG THANK YOU to the majority of motorcyclists who drive defensively, but for those who take EXTREME liberties, which lead to careless or reckless driving, we offer this reminder:

You ARE accountable to share the road SAFELY.

Each Tuesday, as activity permits, McPherson KS Police Department addresses a topic dealing with traffic enforcement in the City of McPherson. The Traffic Section of Patrol Bureau organizes this feature.

Please send us a PRIVATE MESSAGE about any questions unrelated to the posted topic.

We may address your question in a future “Traffic Stop”. If your question requires an immediate answer, please feel free to phone one of our Officers at our non-emergency number: (620)245-1200.

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