MHS baseball has kept the beat going

By Steve Sell
May 05, 2017

Friday’s favorites...

• BASEBALL BULLPUPS PLAYING WELL — McPherson High’s baseball road sweep of El Dorado on Thursday pushed the MHS season record to 11-4, 8-0 in Division III play.

That’s quite a feat given D-III is a strong baseball league with three ranked teams, including the No. 8 Bullpups, the others being Buhler and Augusta. El Dorado is no slouch, either.

I thought this might be a rebuilding year for MHS coach Heath Gerstner, considering the outstanding senior class he had to replace, maybe the best in school history. But Dylan Werries and Jack Reifschneider have headlined a rebuilt pitching staff that was decimated by graduation.

The Bullpups still don’t hit a lot, but are playing good defense in support of their pitchers. When pitchers throw strikes, the defense is going to be better as players are more alert in the field.

MHS has a huge home doubleheader on May 11 when defending state champion Buhler comes to town. The Crusaders were stunned twice by Augusta on Thursday. Buhler and MHS are battling for the No. 1 seed in the upcoming regional in Buhler. The Bullpups are 11-4, a half-game back of Buhler, which is 12-4.

• ROYALS STILL STRUGGLING — The Royals split their four-game series with the Chicago White Sox that was completed on Thursday and have Cleveland in for three starting tonight.

The Indians have had the Royals’ number recently, even when KC was going to the World Series. Cleveland’s pitching seems to be able to shut down the Royals’ hitters and this year that doesn’t take much.

If KC loses all three, it would sink to 9-21. You’d probably start hearing about rumblings of a fire sale. Remember there’s five players who are free agents after this season and they’re big ones — Eric Hosmer, Mike Moustakas, Lorenzo Cain, Alcides Escobar and Jason Vargas.

If I would venture a guess right now, I would say Moustakas is the most likely player to be back. The Royals can’t afford Hosmer, Cain has injury history, Escobar simply is too light of a hitter and Vargas is a pedestrian pitcher, though so far he’s been easily the best starter KC has. However, he’ll likely cool if his track record is an indication.

• COZART TO BOISE STATE — Former Kansas quarterback Montell Cozart, who seemed to be a favorite whipping post of frustrated KU football fans because of his questionable decision-making, has transferred to Boise State where he’ll be immediately eligible since he’s already graduated but has a year of eligibility left.

Cozart, a product of the Miege football factory, received what I thought was a bad rap at KU. It wasn’t that he was bad, the entire team was bad. To put so much blame on him was unfair as there was plenty of criticism to go around.

Cozart did have some talent, but I thought KU tried to make him a passing quarterback when he clearly should have been in some type of option system. He had great speed, but always seemed hesitant to take off and run, which was a byproduct of KU being so porous in the offensive line. He was a scattershooter of a passer and threw some horrific interceptions that left fans shaking their heads. He’s going to a Top 25 program and it will be interesting to see where he fits in.

KU hopefully has a decent quarterback in transfer Peyton Bender, who played under Mike Leach at Washington State. But he hasn’t exactly grabbed the job as he’s battling with the returning Carter Stanley. If Bender is having trouble wresting the job away from Stanley, that tells me KU is still going to have QB problems this season.