The Kansas Legislature Is Considering New Utility Fees To Pay For Schools

By KBBE News/ McPherson BPU
May 08, 2017

The Board of Public Utilities was alerted that a proposed bill effecting customer utility charges is gaining some traction. The Education Utility Fee is a proposed bill, which if it passed, would raise residential customer utility bills by material amount (For residential customers about 10% on water and about 4% on the electric).

Click HERE to view the proposed Education Utility Fee bill.

Below are a few key parts of the PROPOSED bill language:

+ Bill imposes a monthly education fee $3 for each residential utility retail customer and $10 for each C&I customer.

+The utility is responsible for collecting and remitting the fees to the state treasurer – fees will be deposited into the newly created “school finance fund.”

+ Fee collection begins July 1, 2017

+ The fee shall not be deemed a rate increase.

+ Customer account does not include the government of the United States or its agencies or instrumentalities.

If you have concerns about this particular bill, please reach out to your local legislators:

Senator Rick Wilborn


[email protected]

Representative Les Mason (District 73)


[email protected]

Representative- Don Schroeder (District 74)


[email protected]