Traffic Stop: All Schools Day

By KBBE News/ McPherson PD Executive Sergeant Mo Hawkinson
May 09, 2017



Check out this map, so you have a game plan for driving downtown & know where to park to maximize your enjoyment! The parade begins at 10:30 am & we hope to see you there!

Please remember:

*Do NOT drive around road barricades or attempt to move them for any reason. Violators will be towed. You will need to drive AROUND the downtown area once the barricades go up & until the parade concludes.

*Do not save your parade viewing spot before the roads are closed.

*Your dog is better left at home. The parade can be overwhelming, but if you insist, your pet MUST wear a leash and appropriate tags, and you MUST clean up after it.

*LOCK your home & car, and keep valuables out of sight of passersby.

*Check the Plaza (at the northwest corner of Marlin and Main Streets), if you lose your wallet, purse, or kiddo; there will be folks there to help you.

*SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING. Call McPherson County Communications at (620) 245- 1266 to report anything you see, which rouses your suspicion or causes alarm.

In an emergency, call 9-1- 1.

*This hometown holiday is about our CHILDREN, COMMUNITY, & FUN! SMILE at any grouches you meet and be PATIENT! :D

We at McPherson KS Police Department wish everyone a SAFE & HAPPY ALL SCHOOLS DAY!