The Community Building Renovation: Design-Build Construction

By Chris Conde
May 10, 2017

The Community Building Renovation Project has selected planning commissions and chosen an architect, and now the contract has been ironed out for the initial cost of the project. Hutton construction has submitted a letter with a specific business structure of their Design-Build style of construction.

“The basic difference between design build versus traditional design then bid then build, the function is having construction and the design piece working together, the design and the build happens together. The owner of the building, in this case the city, would have one contract instead of one with the architect and one with the lowest bid contractor. We agree on terms and conditions up front, we are open with costs and we have one point of contact with the city to put the project through.” Said Luke Amend Division Manager of Hutton Construction.

On Monday, May 8, Mayor Tom Brown authorized the agreement which include design fees totaling $207,000 based on 6.9% of the estimated $3,000,000 construction cost. The agreement also allows for a fee of $30,000 as a pre-construction fee, making the total cost of the agreement 237,000 for design of phase I and phase II plus 5% of the cost of the work, the amount to be determined before construction is started.