All School's Day Float Winners

By KBBE News
May 15, 2017

The 2017 All Schools Day Float Winners were announced,

Peoples Choice Award: Lincoln Elementary Preschool Float: Sonshine Preschool

Best Use of Theme: Canton-Galva Elementary

Kindergarten: St. Joseph Catholic School

Royalty: Smoky Valley High School

The winners were selected by a people’s choice award that allowed parade goers the chance to vote with a text message on their favorite float!

BBQ Champion At the Good Ol' Boys BBQ Was Bill Jones.

All school’s day has come to an end and next to come are graduation ceremonies and summer. But for all the committees and volunteers of the festival, the work is never over. The All Schools Day committee will meet again in only a few short weeks to begin discussing next years events. If there is anything you would like to help with or sponsor. Or if you would like to volunteer and just help out. Head over to the All Schools and click on the contacts button.

You Can Watch And Listen To The Parade And Pre-Parade On Midkansas Online Face Book Page Just Look Us Up On Facebook At Mid Kansas Online.

KBBE wants to thank All of the Volunteers, Sponsors, Workers, Police and Emergency Responders and we will see you again next year!