Storm-Water Utility Projects

By KBBE News
May 17, 2017

 The first projects have been selected for the storm-water utility fee that was implemented in 2016.

The Elm Street Project, Marlin Street from Ash Street to Elm Street, on Euclid Street from Ash Street to Elm Street and on Elm Street from Kansas Avenue to Euclid Street, was approved for a total of $56,602.00

and the second section approved was the Hulse area drainage improvements,

This project will provide drainage improvements on the drainage ditch from Main Street (near Tractor Supply) to the high school. The cost of this project will be $254,146.00.

 The storm-water program focuses on reducing the potential for the loss of life or property due to flooding and protecting the quality of our lakes and streams.

Fees collected will support ongoing maintenance and capital improvements on the City's storm drainage infrastructure.