McPherson Fire Department Has Been Approved For New Training Equipment

By KBBE News
May 17, 2017

The McPherson Fire Department was approved for two new training props. The Inforcer and a Ventprop.

The Inforcer is a heavy duty door simulator that allow the department to practice breaching a hot door over and over again without damaging any property. It gives the firefighters the feel of hot bending or deforming metal while forcing a heavy door. The door comes various set-ups that can simulate many kinds of door breaches.

Firefighter Forcible Entry Simulator

The INFORCER is the most realistic and versatile forcible entry simulator on the market today. Not only is the INFORCER the only door which gives your firefighters the feel of bending/deforming metal while forcing a truly tough door with a set of irons, but also provides video based training on forcible entry techniques requiring the use of a power saw to cut hinges, drop bar bolts, dead bolts and chain, all in one simulator. Other simulators utilize the defeating of wood, spring or a clamping system to get through the door using a set of irons, which don't provide the same level of realism or difficulty.

With over 150 doors throughout the US, Canada and Japan, the INFORCER has a proven design that will enable your firefighters to gain valuable, hands-on, practical and realistic forcible entry training using both a set of irons and a power saw all from one simulator. Every wear point on the INFORCER is designed to be easily reversible to get twice the life out of each part. Plus the video based training and a PowerPoint presentation for your department to use and keep are included with each purchase. If you want a truly challenging, versatile and realistic forcible entry simulator, you have found your door.

The Inforcer has the unique ability to replicate many forcible entry techniques: Cut hockey puck locks, Outward swinging door, Inward swinging door , Drop bar bolt cutting , Hinge cutting, Baseball bat breach Inward swinging door, Dead bolt cutting Padlock cut or break, Cut links of chain,

The Ventprop is a pitched roof simulator that gives takes the danger out of training on high roofs. 

Improve Performance

With our prop, your firefighters can spend more time training without the costs of additional materials. More time spent on exercises means less chance of things going wrong in the field.

Save Money

You’ll no longer need to replace full sheets of plywood or Oriented Strand Board (OSB). With the VENTPROP you can get up to 16 scenarios with one sheet of 4’x8’ material!

Reduce Waste

By using the entire sheet of roofing material, you’re reducing waste and the cost of disposal. This allows you to get the most out of every training dollar that the public trusts you with.

The department will use thes e props for years to come. The Ventprop cost is $3,9990.00 and The Inforcer costs $16,000.