Wall Park Family Tennis Complex Receives Approval

By KBBE News
May 17, 2017

Monday May 15th, at the city commission meeting the commission approved the Mayor to sign an agreement with Renner Sports Company, Denver, CO for an amount not to exceed $394,549.00 for a post tensioned concrete overlay on six tennis courts, at a cost of $321,0000 and to build 4 Quickstart QS (youth) tennis courts to USTA standards at Wall Park, at a cost of $73,000.

4 QS tennis courts as one slab measuring 60’ w x 112’ long with a middle divider fence between the two court batteries each measuring 60’w x 56’L would be $73,082.00 which would include the courts to be built using the enlarged perimeter grade beam to meet USTA requirements for funding.

Construction will use the same 10’ tall galvanized fencing to match the 6 cts and all court equipment nets, net posts, center anchors and center straps will be regulation for Quickstart court sizes. Install 2” leveling course, 15 mill poly sheeting vapor barrier, 5” PT slab, color surfacing and line striping as well.

In addition Hutton Construction will be asked to survey the area for the construction at a cost of $2400