County Appraiser Resigns Before Reappointment

By Chris Conde
May 24, 2017

Dianna Carter, the McPherson County Appraiser, has chosen not to seek reappointment this July.

Meeting with the County Commission to fill the vacancies within the office, Dianna carter announced she would not be seeking reappointment during the state wide selection of county appraisers, on July 1st.

The County Commission will have the task of finding and selecting the new appointee. According to Kansas State 2014 Statute Chapter 19 Article 4 Section 30 »

 No person shall be appointed or reappointed to or serve as county appraiser in any county unless such person shall have at least three years of mass appraisal experience and be qualified by the director of property valuation as an eligible Kansas appraiser

 The County Appraiser appointment is a 4 year job.

 Carter has called the change a semi-retirement but will continue to work, pursuing an opportunity to work for the state.

 A new appointee will be selected on July 1st.