City Commission 6.12.17

By Chris Conde
June 12, 2017

City Commission

Tim Maier of the BPU presented a re-appointment to the Board of Public Utilities Board. John Holthus will serve another three year term in the position.

Public lands and Facilities presented bids for the painting of the Lakeside Cabin in Lakeside Park. The Commission approved a bid from Coffey Painting for $4,765.

Public Lands and Facilities presented a request for accessories, equipment and apparel from Acushnet Company and BSN Sports. The request was approved at an amount not to exceed $4,000.

The Street Department was approved to pay Vogts Construction for concrete crushing at an amount not to exceed $25,000. The Mayor noted that this amount was higher than in the past because usually we exchange some of the crushed concrete to offset the cost. It has been determined this year the cost of acquiring crushed material elsewhere would be higher than the fee for crushing.

Jeff Woodward gave a report of the ongoing projects throughout McPherson:

Update on the Centennial Drive Sewer Project (Phase II)

To date we have installed 8,050' of new sewer line and 28 manholes. The project is approximately 78% complete.

The re-design of the alley sewer is complete. Prices have been negotiated with the Contractor for the additional work. The alley work will hopefully start next week. It may have to be pushed off to the week of June 26th. Notifications will be sent to the affected property owners prior to the start of the work and they will be notified again the day before each individual tap is tied into the new sewer. I would like to remind residents that the day the individual service lines are tied into the new sewer, water and sewer service will not be available. Water and sewer service will only be interrupted for each individual property for the one day and only between the hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Update on the Avenue "A" 10' Sidewalk (Phase I)

Additional storm sewer was installed this week. It is approximately 90% installed. The storm sewer work should be completed by the middle of next week. We have placed about half of the retaining wall footing near the railroad bridge. The base rock is approximately 90% complete. The sidewalk is placed from Deerfield to Stearman and about 30% complete from Stearman to Calvary. The electrical conduit remains unchanged at approximately 50% (From east end to the west church entrance)

Maxwell street was opened temporarily on Friday, filling the excavation in with millings. Early this week it will be closed down to remove the temporary millings and filled with asphalt.