Administrative Report

By Chris Conde
June 12, 2017

City Commission Administrative Report From Nick Gregory

-A payment was approved to for reimbursement #10 of the CBDG program for an amount not to exceed $4,923.49. The payment brings the total of the CBDG program to $77,338.12 which is 93% of the $83,000 awarded by the KDHE.

The (CDBG), program will have an information meeting held on Tuesday, June 20, at the McPherson Museum. A session designated for landlords begins at 5:30 p.m. followed by a 7 p.m. session for target residents and the general public.

-A motion was approved to adopt Resolution No. 17-08, authorizing the sale of Series 138 of 2017 General Obligation Refunding and Improvement Bonds and authorize the Mayor and the Finance Director to sign all appropriate documents to execute the sale of the proposed bonds.

Resolution No. 17-08 authorizes the sale of General Obligation Bonds both for refunding of outstanding bonds and the inclusion on new debt on various improvements. The bond refunds from outstanding bonds from 2006, 2007, 2009, and 2011 a total of $2,360,000 and places the following improvements into bond and subsequently onto special assessment: Sanitary Sewer Improvements -Grimes and Loomis; Street Improvements -Calvary Street; Street Improvements -Centennial Drive; and Sanitary Sewer Improvements - Fisher and Elizabeth.

The total bond will finance an amount not to exceed a principal amount of $2,710,000 with and interest rate not to exceed 2.4%. Refunded bonds will create a net present value savings exceeding 3% which is required for refunding in accordance with the City of McPherson's Debt Policy.

The Resolution also gives authorization to finalize a number of documents and gives authority to Mayor and Finance Director along with other players to move forward with various steps to finalize the bond sale.

-A motion was approved to adopt Resolution 17-09, Authorizing and Providing for Construction of Community Building Improvements and use of relevant debt instruments associated with this project.

Part of the process when the City of McPherson plans to work on a project that may require the issuance of debt in the form of temporary notes or bonds is a need to pass an authorizing resolution which allows for such debt to be issued at a future date as it relates to the project. As we continue to work toward the renovation of the Community Building, which is currently being considered for inclusion on the State Historic Register, now is the appropriate time to consider the authorizing resolution allowing debt to be issued for this project. This does not establish a debt amount to be issued in association with this project, but rather allows it to be issued once we are ready to proceed on this project. Currently the Project has a potential to cost between $3 million to $5 million.

-A motion was approved to adopt Resolution 17-10 Authorizing and Providing for Construction of Wall Park Tennis Court Complex Improvements and use of relevant debt instruments associated with this project.

Similar to the intent resolution being considered for the Community Building, this proposed resolution allows the city to issue future debt for Tennis Court Improvements at Wall Park. Cosmetic resurfacing is no longer an option for the Wall Park Tennis Courts. Shifting asphalt below the surface has significantly shortened the life of the playing surface. Resurfacing began cracking within a year of resurfacing several years back. Proposed improvements will redo the existing tennis courts to post tension surfacing and add additional youth courts to the project. Ongoing efforts are being made to raise private and/or other public funds to complete this project. Currently the Project has a potential to cost around $400,000. The proposed resolution will allow debt to be issued in association with this project if it is needed.

-A motion was approved to adopt Ordinance No. 3242 Authorizing and Providing for Construction of Various Stormwater Improvements and use of general obligation debt associated with this project.

Debt issued in association with the current stormwater utility also requires authorization to issue debt to be used on projects. In the case of the stormwater utility, an ordinance is required to issue future debt. The City has identified a number of projects relating to stormwater improvement which could be completed over the next several years. This list of projects is subject to change at future date as other relevant projects are identified. The total expected costs of these identified projects combined is $7,136,054. This attached ordinance provides authorization moving forward to issue GO Debt associated with the improvements identified in the ordinance.

-Events approved:

100 Year Commemoration of the General “Birdseye” McPherson Statue. July 3, 2017

Ride For Independence. July 8, 2017

Buick Drive For Your Students. August 10th, 2017

-Wages Approved

Michael Gulli, Police Department New Hire, $18.75 per hour.