McPherson County Among KDOT Approved Bids

By KBBE News
June 13, 2017

KDOT announces approved May bids

The Kansas Department of Transportation announces approved bids for state highway construction and maintenance projects in Kansas. The letting took place May 24 in Topeka. Some of the bids may include multiple projects that have been bundled based on proximity and type of work.

District Three — Northwest

Ellis - 70-26 KA-4541-01 ‑ I‑70, beginning at the Ellis/Trego county line east 31.2 miles to the Ellis/Russell county line, pavement patching, 31.2 miles, McCormick Excavation & Paving LLC, Stratton, Co, $81,575.00.

Thomas – 70-97 KA-4544-01 ‑ I‑70, beginning at Exit 53 east 9 miles to Exit 62, pavement patching, 8.9 miles, McCormick Excavation & Paving LLC, Stratton, Co, $38,225.00.

Trego – 70-98 KA-4543-01 ‑ I‑70, beginning at the Gove/Trego county line east 30.59 miles to the Trego/Ellis county line, pavement patching, 30.6 miles, McCormick Excavation & PAVING LLC, Stratton, Co, $36,850.00.

The following projects were approved from the April 19, 2017, letting.

Jefferson - 44 C-4805-01 ‑ Ferguson Road from U.S. 24 to K‑16 and Wellman Road from 1st Street (south county line) to K‑192, signing, 38.4 miles, Signs Up LTD DBA Haren's Trees And Critters, Webster City, Ia., $92,547.00.

Geary - 31 TE-0415-01 ‑ Pedestrian/Bike Path along West 8th Street beginning at the U.S. 77/K-18 junction continuing east to tie into existing sidewalk on the northwest corner of the West 8th Street/Rucker Road intersection, pedestrian and bicycle paths,Hamm Inc., Perry, Ks., $938,132.11.

McPherson - 260‑59 KA-4253-01 ‑ K‑260, from Avenue A to Avenue C in Moundridge, pavement reconstruction, 0.3 mile, APAC Kansas Inc. Shears Division, Hutchinson, Ks., $315,837.75.

Franklin - 30 TE-0413-01 ‑ Pedestrian/ bike infrastructure; on East 15th Street from Main Street east to the intersection of Rockwood Drive/ Apple Lane in Ottawa, pedestrian and bicycle paths, Burlington Construction Inc., Burlington, Ks., $231,643.74.

Rice - 80 TE-0420-01 ‑ Main Street from Prairie Avenue to one half block north of Kansas Avenue in Little River, landscaping and beautification, Vogts Parga Construction LLC, North Newton, Ks., $659,832.02.

Seward - 54‑88 KA-3054-01 ‑ Intersection of U.S. 54 and Clay Street in Liberal, intersection improvement, Smoky Hill LLC, Salina, Ks., id="mce_marker",784,657.00.

Wyandotte - 105 N-0649-01 ‑ Central Avenue and 18th Street intersection, intersection improvement, 0.1 mile, J M Fahey Construction Company, Grandview, Mo., $817,755.30.

Franklin - 68‑30 KA-4053-01 ‑ K‑68 and Main Street intersection in Ottawa, intersection improvement, 0.1 mile, Wildcat Construction Co Inc. & Subsidiaries, Wichita, Ks., $394,801.75.