Traffic Stop: Harvest Traffic

By KBBE News/ McPherson PD Executive Sergeant Mo Hawkinson
June 14, 2017

McPherson KS Police Department offers a friendly reminder to all as you go about your Father's Day travels... 

HARVEST is underway in many parts of central Kansas. Some of these operations occur near McPherson City Limits. Wherever you encounter agricultural vehicles in Kansas, please, remember the importance of the cargo to Kansas economy, the vehicle to a business, and the occupants to their families. Farm machinery may make turns unexpectedly onto a public road from a field or driveway and travels much slower than normal traffic –often at speeds of 25 miles per hour or less. It is important for everyone’s safety to have patience and SHARE THE ROAD.

Machinery half on the road and half on the shoulder may move suddenly onto the road, even occupying more than one lane to avoid obstacles such as mailboxes, bridges, or road signs.

Pass with extreme caution and only after the following…

*Be sure the machinery is not making a left turn. Look for left turn lights or hand signals, even if the machinery slows and pulls toward the right side of the road; the operator may be preparing to make a wide left turn. Likewise, sometimes to make a right turn with wide equipment, the driver may pull left.

*Be sure the road is wide enough for you and the machinery to safely share.

*Be sure, there is adequate distance for you to pass safely.

Remember, in your lifetime, you will wait less on a farmer trying to reach his/her destination than you will on stoplights -and stoplights don't even feed your family! 

#SafeHarvest #FarmFriendlyFathersDay