MHS heading back to 5A for all sports other than football in 2018-19

By Steve Sell
June 15, 2017

McPherson High’s time in Class 4A in all sports other than football will apparently end after the 2017-18 school year based on current enrollment numbers.

The results of a state-wide vote by member schools of the Kansas State High School Activities Association on two proposals were announced on Wednesday and both passed.

And what it means is beginning with the 2018-19 school year, McPherson High will be Class 5A for all sports except for football (which will remain 4A).

According to KSHSAA, the football vote passed by a 215-73 count, while the classification vote was 207-145.

“I was somewhat surprised by the results,” MHS Athletic Director Shane Backhus said today. “I had thought that the football proposal would pass, but was not as confident that the overall classification proposal would pass. I think it is a nice step in the right direction for Kansas schools. McPherson High School voted in favor of both proposals. It will also change the postseason format in many sports moving more toward a seeding system, which will be good.”

Here’s what things will look like starting in 2018-19:


Class 6A — 32 schools

Class 5A — 32 schools

Class 4A — 32 schools

Class 3A — 48 schools

Class 2A — 48 schools

Class 1A — Approximately 35 schools

8-Man I — No change

8-Man II — No change


Class 6A — 36 schools

Class 5A — 36 schools

Class 4A — 36 schools

Class 3A — 64 schools

Class 2A — 64 schools

Class 1A — All remaining schools