Aqua Pups have good night despite score

By Steve Sell
June 15, 2017

WINFIELD — McPherson Aqua Pups swimming coach Kyle Banman really doesn’t pay that much attention to the final score.

In two meets so far, the second being on Tuesday at Winfield, the Aqua Pups haven’t been that close because their opponents have many more swimmers.

“Well, for being outnumbered almost 3 to 1, the final score of 477 to 247 was not too surprising,” Banman said. “However, the quality of the swims that we had overshadows that score.”

Ameilia and Nathaniel Britting, and Alex Brubaker competed in their first-ever swim meet.

Here is a summary as provided by Banman:

* Eli Farley (10) Qualified for Districts for the first time - on both 50 Free (41.01) and 50 Back (50.59).  He also took 1st in the 50 Backstroke.

*Matthew Powers (14) picked up District Qualifiers on his 200 Free (2:29.71), and 100 Fly (1:18.18).  He also took 1st in all 3 of his events

*Hayden Farley (11) added another District time on 50 Free (dropping 4.55 to 35.91).  He also took 1st in all 3 of his events.

*William Powers (15) earned a Championship time on his 100 Back (1:09.93, and took 1st).

*Silas Steinert (15) earned Distircts on 100 Fly (5.52 drop to 1:16.38), and 100 Free (2.66 drop to 1:05.85).  He also cut 10.66 on 200 Free.

*Carson Stone (18) added 100 Breast to his District collection (cut 4.66 to 1:26.65).

*Katie Stucky (15) improved her District time 0.81 to 33.69 on 50 Free.  She also swam her 1st ever long course 100 Back (whether she liked it or not).

*Rhys Vanderhoof (14) earned District times on 100 Back (1.82 drop to 1:25.68), and 100 Free (3.32 to 1:10.94).  In an "it's been awhile (long course) swim" he cut over a minute on his 200 IM to 3:04.19.  He also took 1st in all 3 of his races

• Other Highlights/Top Finishes •

*Audrey Bailey had a pair of 3rd place finishes on 50 Free and 200 IM.

*Hannah Brubaker (9) in just her second meet cut 26.34 on her 50 Free, and 8.54 on her 50 Back

*Danica Brunk (11) took 1st on 50 Free and 50 Fly, then 3rd on 50 Breast

*Ehan Burger (13) dropped 3.65 on 50 Free and 5.85 on 100 Back.  He also placed 2nd on the 100 Breast.

*Matthew Burger (8) went 3 for 3 on best times - Breaking a minute on 50 Free for the first time with a 2.29 cut.  Then a whopper of a pair of drops of a 25.91 cut on 50 Breast, and 13.37 of 50 Back.  

*Maya Charlesworth (12) dropped 4.34 on 100 Free.  

*Arianna Gross (12) had a solid 7.87 drop on 100 Free.  And way to step up on fly leg on the medley.

*Clayton Hafenstine (13) cut 2.83 on 100 Back.

*Ashton Hampton (11) had a massive 22.45 cut on 50 Fly.  Another way to set up on the fly leg of the medley to her as well!

*Liberty Hampton (10) cut 1.52 on 100 Free.  She took 1st on 50 Breast, and 2nd then on both 100 Free and 50 Fly.  And again again, way to step up on fly on the medley!

*Justus Hampton (16) took 1st on the 200 Free, and 2nd on both 100 Fly and 100 Free

*Alyssa Harger (10) went 3 for 3 on best times, featuring a 13.86 cut on 50 Back, and 4.94 on 100 Free.  That freestyle is looking quite smooth!

*Nethmi Hewawitharana (10) went 3 for 3 on best times, with a huge 35.34 cut on 50 Breast.

*Samuel Houston (11) had 3 double digit time drops!  11.47 on 50 Free, 15.13 on 50 Back, and 28.31 on 100 Free.  Gotta love that short fast kick!

*Marissa Pearcy (13) cut 15.62 on her 200 Free and also took 1st,  She then improved her District time on 100 Back to 1:25.41 and took 1st.  She also dropped 3.23 on 100 Free.

*Bree Pickerell (10) scored a pair of 3rd place finishes, with time drops on both 50 Free and 50 Back

*Claire Schmidt (9) took 2n on 50 Back.  She also cut nearly a second off of her 50 Free

*Lexi Smith (11) won the 50 Back and 100 Free (a 9.78 cut to 1:25.05).

*Gage Stafford (16) had 3 "it's been a while (long course) swims, with a 42.24 drop in 200 Free, 34.22 on 100 Back, and 16.90 on 100 Breast!

*Simon Steinert (16) cut 11.66 on 100 Back.

*Kierstan Trost (13) swam her first long course 200 Free and 100 Back.  She also cut 2.16 on her 100 Free, and took 2nd in all 3 of her events.

*Jordan Vanderhoof (12) dropped 21.58 on her 100 Free to break 2 minutes in the event for the first time.

*Tyler Vincent (13) cut 5.82 on 100 Breast and took 3rd.

*Roary Whorton (11) went 3 for 3 on best times, including 25.85 off on the 200 IM.  He also took 1st on the 100 Free 

*Zoey Whorton (13) went 3 for 3 on best times, with a 1st place finish and a 5.08 cut on 100 Breast.

• Relays •

*13-14 Girls team of Zoey Whorton, Audrey Bailey, Kierstan Trost, and Marissa Pearcy took 1st on 200 Free.

*13-14 Boys team of Matthew Powers, Tyler Vincent, Rhys Vanderhoof, and Ethan Burger took 1st on both 200 Free and Medley.

*15-18 Boys team of William Powers, Silas Steinert, Justus Hampton, and Carson Stone (Medley-Breast)/Isaac Duran (Free), won both the Free and Medley

*The 11-12 Boys team of Hayden and Eli Farley, Roary Whorton and Samuel Houston won the 200 Medley.