July Is Parks And Rec. Month

By KBBE News
June 19, 2017

July is national Park and Recreation month and the City of McPherson Park Department is preparing public lands for residents and visitors alike. Their daily work includes mowing 200 acres, weed eating and edging, maintaining park shelters, cleaning park bathrooms and overseeing more than 70 flowerbeds.

Park Department employees face challenges with overall upkeep of public lands and facilities during the summer months. The increase in temperature has a negative effect on the planters in the Downtown District. Summer heat, wind and concrete containers are stressful on the plants, which come from a controlled environment and need time to adjust to hotter conditions. “Fortunately, our staff is trained to identify appropriate plants for the concrete boxes and care for them throughout the season,” said Wayne Burns, Public Lands and Facilities Director. “With proper care, we anticipate the planters will survive the intense heat and will continue to enhance Main Street.”

The McPherson Park Department challenges all to discover the beauty and benefits of our community during Park and Recreation month. Fourteen parks offer fishing, fitness trails, jogging paths, picnic shelters, skateboarding, disc golf and more. According to the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA), play is a vital part of mental wellbeing, physical health and personal interactions for both children and adults. “Now’s the time to discover park spaces, fun places and friendly faces,” said Burns.