Traffic Stop: Know Your Agency

By KBBE News/ McPherson PD Executive Sergeant Mo Hawkinson
June 21, 2017

Not all ‘authorized emergency vehicles’ are the same. Sometimes we receive reports from residents who are concerned about the manner in which a First Responder (EMS, Fire, or Law Enforcement) is driving. Kansas statutes provide opportunity for First Responders to disregard some traffic laws as need requires.

As with any driving complaint, McPherson KS Police Department encourages the public to share your concerns in the following way… 

FIRST, as you have time and ability, try to identify the agency by noting the vehicle description (color, type, tag, or unit number, etc.)

Did you know Police vehicles in McPherson feature a “shield” badge, not the “star” badge seen on Sheriff vehicles?

While the two agencies are in the same city, county, building, and even our jurisdictions overlap, the Sheriff’s Office and the Police Department are NOT the same agency.

SECOND, take note of the location and time (as closely as possible) where and when the incident occurred. 

THIRD, be aware there are MANY different manners of response depending on which agency/agencies are responding to any particular emergency in our community. There are also non- emergent occasions when an individual might leave their jurisdiction in a marked/identified vehicle such as for training, prisoner/patient transport, specialized repairs or maintenance, and/or inter- agency cooperation for large/catastrophic events.

YIELD appropriately to ANY emergency response as it is foremost lawful, but also it is how you'd want others to drive, if the response were coming to YOU.the response were coming to YOU.