USD 418 Has Accepted 3 Late Resignations

By Chris Conde
June 27, 2017

The USD 418 School Board accepted the late resignations of three teachers from the district, Amy Plackemeier, MHS Business Teacher, Jen Magnall, MMS Special Ed./Math Teacher, and Ericka Faust, Elementary Teacher.

Mohn went on to say, “We they have found promising replacements for two teachers, Magnall and Faust, but are still looking for a Business Teacher. Plackemeier’s position is part-time and finding a part-time teacher may be difficult and it may be necessary to expand the business courses to provide a full-time position; and that if they expand the business teaching position that there would be a demand for the courses.”

 The members went on to discuss penalties in the future for teachers that wish to leave a contract outside of the terms within the contract.