KDOT Announces June Bids

By KBBE News
June 29, 2017

The Kansas Department of Transportation announced approved bids for state highway construction and maintenance projects in Kansas. The letting took place June 21 in Topeka.

In the McPherson Area,  

All major collectors in the southeastern quarter of the county, KDOT will contract RFB Construction of Pittsburg KS. to update and inspect all of the signs in the southeastern section of the county except the county route signs.

A total of 70.0 miles at a cost of $84,765.93, with no cost to the county.

Pavement Pro's LLC, McPherson, Ks was awarded a contract forDistrict Five South Central Kansas

Barber - 160-4 KA-4579-01 – U.S. 160, from the Comanche/Barber county line east 12 miles, crack repair, 12 miles, ., $32,544.00.

Harper - 160-39 KA-4591-01 – U.S. 160, beginning 400 feet east of the Barber/Harper county line east to 0.55 mile west of RS 302, crack repair, 12.0 miles, Pavement Pro's LLC, McPherson, Ks., $56,210.56.

Rice - 14-80 KA-4577-01 – K-14, from the north Lyons city limit north to the K-14/K-4 junction, crack repair, 10.8 miles, Pavement Pro's LLC, McPherson, Ks., $51,490.48.

Reno – 50-78 KA-4580-01 – U.S. 50, from the Reno/Stafford county line east 16.7 miles, crack repair, 16.7 miles, Pavement Pro's LLC, McPherson, Ks., $73,034.96.

Sedgwick – 135-87 KA-4578-01 – I-135, from just north of Pawnee Avenue to 0.3 mile north of the U.S. 54/Kellogg Street junction in Wichita, crack repair, 2.2 miles, Pavement Pro's LLC, McPherson, Ks., id="mce_marker"02,437.60.