NBA salaries have become obscene

By Steve Sell
July 07, 2017

Friday’s favorites...

• NBA SALARIES ARE WACK — I can’t take it anymore.

The NBA has just seen enough money given out to inferior players to bankroll an entire country. The latest staggering deal that takes my breath away involved Tim Hardaway Jr. (who I didn’t know was still in the league) as the Knicks are lavishing $71 million over the next four years for the former Michigan star. And what did he do to earn his more than id="mce_marker"7 million a year? Average 14.5 points for a lifeless Atlanta team that is going nowhere.

One that really blew my mind is Otto Porter Jr. going from Washington to Brooklyn for a staggering id="mce_marker"06 million over the next four years. That’s $26 million a YEAR for a player who has never made an All-Star team and initially was a bust after being a high draft pick. He averaged 13.4 points and he’s going to receive money that approaches what LeBron James makes? Yikes.

Are these teams mad at their money? Surely the Nets couldn’t have been run up by another team for Porter’s services. He’s a nickel and dimer, a ham and egger. 

Of course the elite players are being paid well. The Boston Celtics are about to pay former Utah star Gordon Heyward id="mce_marker"28 million over the next four years. That’s, gulp, $32 million a year. 

It’s enough to make me turn off the NBA forever. I certainly hope these big-money players do something positive with their windfalls — donate to cancer research or other charitable causes — other than spend it on five houses or 10 cars.

For those of us who will have to work to age 66 just to make ends meet, all this NBA monopoly money spending makes me ill.

• MOOSE IS IN — Thanks to the loyal Royals fans, Mike Moustakas is heading to the MLB All-Star Game.

Moose was voted in by the fans, who were given a list of players who were snubbed and a wrong was righted.

Moustakas was certainly All-Star worthy. His timing couldn’t be more perfect as he’s heading into his walk year and has blasted 25 homers on his way out the door. Had Moustakas suffered through an off year, the Royals’ chances of signing him would have been much better.

Don’t be surprised if the Los Angeles Angels make a huge run at Moustakas during the offseason. They need a third baseman and Moustakas as everyone knows is a Cali guy. With Mike Trout and Albert Pujols their only offensive weapons, Moose would certainly be an upgrade.

The Royals won’t let him go without a fight. They should concentrate on re-signing him since Eric Hosmer’s demands will probably be out of sight and Lorenzo Cain is too old to throw big bucks at. The Royals have a replacement for Alcides Escobar if he leaves and Jason Vargas’ history would suggest the Royals shouldn’t back up the truck to the bank as he’s been pedestrian most of his career.

• BIG SERIES — Speaking of the Royals, they open a three-game series tonight at the Los Angeles Dodgers, which matches perhaps the two hottest teams in baseball.

Who would have said that at the start of the season?

The Royals have won 18 of their last 24 and you just have to wonder how long they can play at this pace. They are back in the AL Central race, just a game back of Cleveland.

Unless the Royals deal for a veteran starting pitcher, I can’t see them at the finish line for the playoffs. Hopefully Nate Karns will come back at some point and that Jason Hammel will find his form. Hammel has been a huge disappointment, not only from a wins standpoint but the fact he doesn’t go deep into games.

The Royals’ bullpen, which has come light-years since its disastrous April, has been picking up the slack for the starters, but at some point it’s going to wear out.