NBA, NFL need to take tips from MLB

By Steve Sell
July 12, 2017

Wednesday’s ramblings...

• BASEBALL ALL-STAR GAME THE BEST – Perhaps the NBA and NFL can take a page out of Major League Baseball’s book when it comes to their midseason All-Star games.

Baseball has the other two beat, hands down. While a 2-1 game may not sound exciting, it did go extra innings with Robinson Cano smashing a game-winning homer off former Kansas City Royal Wade Davis.

The baseball players also go full speed, unlike the other two sports that play their All-Star games in slow motion.

When you add in Monday’s exciting Home Run Derby that introduced the world to Aaron Judge, the All-Star Week from Miami rated about an 8 or 9 on a scale of 10.

Then you have the NBA All-Star Game. It’s no game at all as the players don’t hide the fact that they’re putting out little effort. This year’s game was a sham and made a mockery of what an All-Star Game should be. The Slam Dunk contest is old and tired, as it’s like watching reruns of shows from the 90s. The 3-point contest is somewhat appealing as I always like watching lights-out shooting.

The NFL Pro Bowl is an exercise in not getting hurt. My feeling is with such a fear of injury, the NFL would be better off by just canceling the game. The players don’t want to be there and it has turned into little more than a game of touch.

The only way the NBA and NFL can have decent All-Star games is by waving the almighty dollar in front of the players’ faces. Money does indeed talk.

• BAKER SIGNS WITH KNICKS — Ron Baker is now a millionaire.

Nearly nine times over.

Baker is going to be paid $8.9 million over the next two years by the New York Knicks. The former Wichita State walk-on has come a long way as he was doubted first as a college player, then as a pro.

But the aw-shucks Baker has proven where hard work will take you. He has the good fortune of playing for the Knicks, one of the most awful teams in an NBA that has become the Golden State Warriors, the Cleveland Cavaliers and then everybody else. 

Baker has the drive and fundamentals to be an NBA player for years to come. I wonder how many people thought that when he came out of Scott City.

 • AS USUAL, WILDCATS UNDERRATED — When will sports publications ever learn?

I saw my first college football magazine the other day, the well-respected Lindy’s. Of course the first pages I turn to have to do with the Big 12.

The never-respected Kansas State Wildcats are rated No. 6 in the 10-team Big 12. I’m here to say right now bet the farm on them finishing higher.

Kansas State is going to be a Top 3 team. With Baylor’s program mangled by off-the-field issues, Oklahoma reeling from Bob Stoops’ retirement and the other teams with obvious holes, this might be the year the Wildcats make a run at the top.

My advice is always never, ever fall asleep on Bill Snyder’s Wildcats.