Tuesday Public Works Update

By Jim Joyner
August 01, 2017

The McPherson County Public Works issued a statement this week notifying the city of two road closures for bridge and road maintenance. Starting Wednesday morning (Aug. 2), 27th Avenue will be closed from Comanche Road to Smoky Valley Road for crack filling, and Shawnee Road from 8th Avenue to 5th Avenue will be closed for overlay. These closures will be in effect Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week, and then Monday the 7th and Tuesday the 8th.

27th Avenue: Aug. 2-4 and Aug. 7-8

Shawnee Road: Aug. 2-4 and Aug. 7-8

The Public Works Department reported in Monday’s City Commission that the Gordon Street reconstruction project from Carrie Street to Eshelman Street is completed. The assignment started on June 14th and is now officially complete.

The Public Works Department also reported that the retaining wall on the Avenue A sidewalk has been placed and the backfilling of the retaining wall has now officially started. Woodthrush is closed for the time being, but will be back open on Wednesday the 2nd.