McPherson authorizes Emergency Solutions Grant

By KBBE News
August 23, 2017

On Aug. 21, McPherson City Commission authorized Mayor Brown to sign all documents necessary to execute the Emergency Solutions Grant, which will be $100,649 to help prevent and assistance with people who are homeless in McPherson. Amy Lopez with the McPherson Housing Coalition addressed the board and talked about the Emergency Solutions Grant, a grant that they have been receiving for the past few years to help with their work for the homeless.

The program has helped serve 20 families and 69 individual people who are on the brink of eviction and are about to be homeless, or are homeless by definition. The McPherson Housing Coalition helps these people find a home and keep them in that home.

“They do have to commit to the program and they have things that they’re responsible for,” Lopez said. “This isn’t just a Band-Aid fix, where you come in and we provide financial assistance.”

The grant is for $100,649 and guarantees another year of help for those who are homeless in our community.