Tiebreakers determine Lindsborg golf winners

By Steve Sell
August 31, 2017

A computer was practically needed to determine the winner of the weekly Lindsborg Men’s Night golf play on Tuesday.

Four teams tied for first and after various tiebreakers were employed after four teams tied at 6-under, the winning team included Eric Sjogren, Steve Sjogren, Ken Sjogren, Bill Parish and Mark Friesen.

Second was the team of Brian Ho, Chris Lohrey, Don Wells, Keith Lindeman and Howard Kahler.

Third went to Ryan Biegert, Ethan Hendricks, Don Bengtson, Willie Johnson and Bob Babcock.

Fourth was the team of Trevor Whittaker, Nic Chambers, Adam Chaney, Mike Sample and Corey Peterson.

Forty-two golfers took part.