MHS netters capture Invite title

By Steve Sell
September 01, 2017
Kendall Shaw

There was nothing flashy about McPherson High’s first-place finish in its first of two home invitational tennis tournaments on a sun-splashed Thursday.

The blue-collar Bullpups did not have any first-place finishes, but their solid, consistent and total team effort enabled them to capture the title with 50 points, easily finishing of runner-up Valley Center, which scored 41.

Derby (39) was third, followed by Goddard Eisenhower (32), Newton (28), Great Bend (18) and Elyria Christian (14).

MHS was particularly strong in doubles, where Taylor Bruce and CeAnna Allen were 2-1 for second, and Rachel Carlson and Ashley Achilles were 3-1 for third. Also, the extra entry of Cheyann Williams and Madison Schmidt opened some eyes by going 2-2 to place fourth.

“All three doubles entries made it to the semifinals, which has not happened very often,” MHS coach Tyler Brown said. “We finished second, third and fourth with our teams only losing to a Top 5 doubles team last year at state from Valley Center.”

In singles, Maisie Edmonson was second with a 3-1 record to take second, while Daphne Carrillo was 2-2 for seventh.

“Maisie Edmonson was steady and a leader again today. She made it to the finals for a second straight tournament only losing to Newton's exchange player from Thailand (Rai Normai) and she may very well may win 5A state, she is the real deal,” Brown said.

  Jacie Myers also played singles as an extra and while she was 0-3, Brown likes her improvement.

“Jacie Myers also was fantastic continuing to grow and improve in her game,” Brown said. “She was able to play in her first varsity meet and continues to impress us coaches with how she never gives up.”