Central Christian hosts hooding ceremony for Dr. Brett Janssen

By KBBE News
September 07, 2017

Mr. Brett Janssen, Traditional Music professor at Central Christian College of Kansas, was announced as Dr. Brett Janssen through a commemorative hooding ceremony during the 2017 Academic Convocation at Central Christian College of Kansas’ Greer Auditorium.

After a successful defense of his dissertation, Dr. Janssen was informed that he may now receive all the Rights, Privileges, and Honors that come with said completion.

“We are immensely proud of Dr. Janssen and his successful completion of this milestone. Earning a Ph.D. is an arduous process that demands the highest levels of scholarship and tenacity. Dr. Janssen has demonstrated both and therefore deserves this high honor” said Dr. Lenny Favara, Provost.

When asked for comment, Dr. Janssen responded. “I am honored to be recognized for achieving a goal and reaching a benchmark.   I am thankful to colleagues, friends, and family for their support.  However, through this undertaking, I have realized that learning about God's creation is a continual, exciting process."

His official Hooding Ceremony took place at Kansas State University this past May, where he was conferred with a Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction with a Music Cognate.