MMS netters keep on rolling

By Steve Sell
September 08, 2017

McPherson Middle School’s girls tennis team was finally scored on here Thursday, but just barely.

The Bullpups, who had blanked their first two opponents, overwhelmed Derby 24-3 in a dual match here Thursday.

“The team was able to stay focused today to get a lot of wins,” MMS coach Ricardo Sanchez said. “We have played three duals in the last week and we don't have one until next week Thursday. I am happy we will have almost a full week worth of practice as there are several things I want to work on. Our 11-member eighth-grade group of players continue to impress me as they come out ready to fight for every point and they remain undefeated in matches. Our seventh-graders continue to improve every day and are constantly learning. We had a great amount of support from friends and family today, as always, and I know the girls love that. We are going to be playing a tougher schedule in these next few weeks that will challenge our players.”



#1 Patty Huerta won 6-0

#2 Sydney Achilles won 6-0

#3 Carley Malm won 6-0

#4 Perrin Schneider won 6-1

#5 Maddie Dobson won 6-1

#6 Taylor Berger won 6-1 and 6-0

#7 Amethyst Hale won 6-1 and 6-0

#8 Lakynn Lippelmann won 6-0 and 6-0

#9 Taylor Buehrle won 6-2

#10 Grace Witte won 6-0

#11 Emma Wilson won 6-1

#12 Kinley Dietrich lost 6-4

#13 Tyla Lang lost 6-3

#14 Loghan Engelbrecht won 6-1 and 6-2


Patty Huerta/Sydney Achilles-won 6-4

Carley Malm/Maddie Dobson-won 6-0

Perrin Schneider/Taylor Berger-won 6-0

Amethyst Hale/Lakynn Lippelmann-won 6-1

Grace Witte/Emma Wilson-won 6-2

Taylor Buehrle/Kinley Dietrich-won 6-3

Tyla Lang/Loghan Engelbrecht-lost 6-5 (tiebreaker 7-3)

Grace Witte/Tyla Lang- won 6-2

Emma Wilson/Kinley Dietrich- won 6-1