MMS netters stay strong

By Steve Sell
September 15, 2017

McPherson Middle School’s girls tennis team continued its dominant season on Thursday as it stayed undefeated with an 18-3 rout of Hutchinson.

“We were without Patty Huerta, who normally plays in the No. 1 spot because of a sprained ankle,” MMS coach Ricardo Sanchez said. “Everyone had to step up and everyone came through with good matches. We had a few close matches towards the top of the lineup and I am sure that the girls all learned something from those matches. We had a good week of practice and have already started making some adjustments to our games based on those practices, but we still have more we need to incorporate in our matches.”

The Bullpups are quickly zipping through their season and will be packing in a lot of play in a short time.

“We will be very busy for the last 2 1/2 weeks of our season, which includes four duals and three day-long tournaments (including the Pioneer League Tournament),” Sanchez said. “Patty should be able to join us again on Monday, which will allow us to play our regular lineup.

MMS will host Salina South, then go to Maize the following day.


• Singles •

#1 Perrin Schneider lost 2-6

#2 Carley Malm won 6-4

#3 Sydney Achilles won 6-3

#4 Maddie Dobson lost 5-6 (tiebreaker 5-7)

#5 Taylor Berger won 6-0

#6 Amethyst Hale won 6-1

#7 Lakynn Lippelmann won 6-1

#8 Taylor Buehrle won 6-0

#9 Grace Witte won 6-0

#10 Emma Wilson won 6-1

#11 Kinley Dietrich won 6-1, 6-1

#12 Loghan Engelbrecht lost 3-6

#13 Tyla Lang won 6-3

• Doubles •

#1 Perrin Schneider/Sydney Achilles won 6-3

#2 Carley Malm/Maddie Dobson won 6-1

#3 Taylor Berger/Amethyst Hale won 6-2

#4 Lakynn Lippelmann/Taylor Buehrle won 6-0

#5 Grace Witte/Emma Wilson won 6-1

#6 Taylor Buehrle/Kinley Dietrich won 6-3

#7 Tyla Lang/Loghan Engelbrecht won 6-3