MHS JV girl harriers take 1st

By Steve Sell
September 15, 2017

BUHLER — The highlight of the day for McPherson High’s cross country team in the Buhler Invitational on Thursday was the JV girls taking first place in their division.

The varsity girls were sixth, while both the boys varsity and JV teams were eighth.

The winning JV girls had three Top 10 finishers in Mya Kretzer, Courtney Eickbush and Hannah Dossett.

In the varsity races, Natalie Hedlund was the top finisher for the MHS girls, while Isaiah Moyer led Bullpup boys.

The Bullpups are home for their annual meet on Thursday at Rolling Acres.


• JV girls - 1st overall

3rd Mya Kretzer 26:02.7 

5th Courtney Eickbush 26:39.0

9th Hannah Dossett 27:24.3

21st Emma Mohl 29:19.5

32nd Brooke Miller 31:05.2

58th Kyla Hagemann 45:24.0

59th Corinne Henry 45:24.7

• JV boys - 8th overall

21st Simon Steinert 23:11.6

38th Riley Shelton 24:26.8

42nd EJ Kretzer 24:40.7

50th Dalton Wilson 25:15.2

57th Ethan Pickerell 25:42.9

62nd Joel Hendricks 26:02.7

85th Sam Boese 28:08.1

90th Alex Houston 30:46.4

97th Alex Milleson 34:07.9

• Varsity girls - 6th overall 

17th Natalie Hedlund 23:21.7

25th Mary Ann Wurm 24:16.9

27th Katie Bahr 24:35.5

28th Claire Hedlund 24:38.8

38th Kassidy Beam 25:20.7

49th Katelyn Beam 26:08.2

• Varsity boys - 8th overall: 

23rd Isaiah Moyer 19:21.7

32nd Tyler Timson 20:00.5

40th Cole Hansen 20:23.1

59th Justus Hampton 21:16.2

64th Silas Steinert 21:34.0

91st Jaxon Schroeder 32:21.8

95th Graedon Green 23:43.6