MMS netters stay perfect with 20-3 rout

By Steve Sell
September 19, 2017

McPherson Middle School’s girls tennis team and Salina South were both undefeated heading into Monday’s showdown dual at the MHS Tennis Complex.

That was about the only similarities the teams had, as once the meet started it was all Bullpups.

MMS stormed to a 20-3 victory to stay perfect.

“We faced our toughest dual competition to date, but our depth really shined through as evident by the final score,” MMS coach Ricardo Sanchez said. “A lot of our top players were challenged in both their singles and doubles matches, which is great. I love that they were all up to the challenge and able to put together good performances. The Top 9 will have little time to rest as we head to Maize South Tuesday for an all-day invitational. The girls will look to put what they learned today to good use as they will need to play six matches if they want to have a chance to medal. The goal for this week is to keep improving, from one match to another, and tomorrow will give us that opportunity.”


• Singles •

#1 Patty Huerta won 6-4

#2 Sydney Achilles lost 4-6

#3 Carley Malm won 6-4

#4 Perrin Schneider won 6-2

#5 Maddie Dobson won 6-2

#6 Taylor Berger won 6-0

#7 Amethyst Hale won 6-3

#8 Lakynn Lippelmann won 6-0

#9 Taylor Buehrle won 6-1

#10 Grace Witte won 6-1

#11 Emma Wilson won 6-1, 6-2

#12 Kinley Dietrich won 6-3

#13 Tyla Lang won 6-1

#14 Loghan Engelbrech won 6-3

• Doubles •

#1 Patty Huerta/Perrin Schneider lost 5-6 (tiebreaker 7-3)

#2 Sydney Achilles/Carley Malm lost 3-6

#3 Maddie Dobson/Taylor Berger won 6-3

#4 Lakynn Lippelmann/Taylor Buehrle won 6-2

#5 Grace Witte/Emma Wilson won 6-1

#6 Amethyst Hale/Kinley Dietrich won 6-2

#7 Loghan Engelbrecht/Tyla Lang won 6-3

Extra — Grace Witte/Tyla Lang won 6-2