Good day for MHS harriers

By Steve Sell
September 22, 2017
Kendall Shaw

McPherson High cross country coach Aspen Lott said earlier this week that her team was “in it to win it” on Thursday in the McPherson Invitational at Rolling Acres.

While the Bullpups didn’t win either of the varsity divisions, the girls did take second and the boys were third. In addition, the JV girls took first and the boys were third.

Conditions were beyond brutal as the runners competed in wind gusts up to 30 mph and soaring temperatures that approached triple digits. Running into the south wind was extremely difficult, not to mention the Rolling Acres course is one of the toughest to run.

“I basically told them today is not a day you’re going to smash a PR (personal record),” Lott said. “It’s hot and windy for everybody. This is our regional course and it’s just a good day to get out and practice it, get your feet on the ground and get ready for it.”

The MHS girls, who scored 65 points to finish second to Buhler (41), had three medalists in Natalie Hedlund (3rd), Kassidy Beam (12th) and Mary Ann Wurm (13th). MHS wound up with six runners in the Top 20 as Katie Bahr was 18th, Clarie Hedlund was 19th and Katelyn Beam was 20th.

Buhler’s Hannah Nuest repeated as champion with a time of 22:26.5.

The MHS boys scored 94 points to take third behind Hutchinson (41) and El Dorado (43). El Dorado’s Cale Carson was medalist in 18:08.52.

Two Bullpups medaled as Isaiah Moyer was ninth in 19:28.16 and Tyler Timson was 12th in 19:37.35.

The Bullpup girls showed their depth in the JV division as they had four runners in the top seven, led by a third by Courtney Eickbush. The boys JV were paced by a second-place finish by Cody Achilles.

The Bullpups have passed the halfway point of the schedule and Lott likes where her team is at.

“I think they are right where they need to be,” Lott said. “They’ve been training like crazy this year, progressing exactly like they need to be. We’re going to peak here soon and get ready for league and regionals.”



Buhler 41, McPherson 65, Hays, 76, Salina South 84, Hutchinson 86.


1. Hannah Neust, Buhler, 22:26.5

2. Haley Krous, Salina South, 23:16.7

3. Natalie Hedlund, McPherson, 23:28.73

4. Ysenia Maldonado, Hays, 23:53.28

5. Emma Willison, Buhler, 24:43.04

6. Tana Herreman, Hays, 23:53.28

7. Jacqueline Lewton, Hutchinson, 23:59.71

8. Lexi Williams, Hutchinson, 24:14.22

9. Iris Rees, Buhler, 24:25.37

10. Carter McFadden, Hutchinson, 24:33.23

11. Megan Miller, Buhler, 24:34.57

12. Kassidy Beam, McPherson, 24:38.13

13. Mary Ann Wurm, McPherson, 24:40.58

14. Sarah Schrage, Salina South, 24:47.53

15. Brityn Bobo, Buhler, 24:50.

• BOYS •

Hutchinson 41, El Dorado 43, McPherson 94, Salina South 99, Buhler 111, Hays 131, Wichita Heights 153.


1. Cale Carson, El Dorado, 18:08.52

2. Noah Cole, Hutchinson, 18:30.03

3. Alex Mora, Hutchinson, 18:33.24

4. Ezekiel Kemboi, El Dorado, 18:42.44

5. Rand Lohrentz, Buhler, 18:50.11

6. Christian Price, El Dorado, 19:01.27

7. Bobby Garland, Hutchinson, 19:24.32

8. Dawson VonFeldt, Hays, 19:26.45

9. Isaiah Moyer, McPherson, 19:28.16

10. Patrick Matson, Wichita Heights, 19:35.86

11. Sammy Gomez, El Dorado, 19:36.57

12. Tyler Timson, McPherson, 19:37.35

13. Chandler Wilcox, Salina South, 19:38.45

14. Greg Vieyra, Hutchinson, 19:52.35

15. Trevin Lanker, Hutchinson, 19:59.83


• GIRLS JV: 1st Overall •

3rd Courtney Eickbush, 26:40.03

4th Maggie Leaf, 27:15.39

5th Hannah Dossett, 27:37.71

7th Emma Mohl, 28:29.83

19th Brooke Miller, 32:24.43

• BOYS JV: 3rd Overall •

2nd Cody Achilles, 19:59.44

12th Graedon Green, 22:27.48

21st Riley Shelton, 23:57.61

22nd Kyler Chapman, 24:00.09

23rd Joel Hendricks, 24:22.28

24th Dalton Wilson, 24:36.79

26th EJ Kretzer, 24:55.87

31st Liam Seron, 26:21.26

36th Ethan Pickerell, 27:01.10

37th Sam Boese, 27:06.53

48th Alex Houston, 32:17.81

49th Alex Mileson, 33:00.12

• GIRLS VARSITY: 2nd Overall •

3rd Natalie Hedlund, 23:28.73

12th Kassidy Beam, 24:38.13

13th Mary Ann Wurm, 24:40.58

18th Katie Bahr, 25:09.72

19th Claire Hedlund, 25:16.37

20th Katelyn Beam, 25:19.81

27th Mya Kretzer, 26:39.80

• BOYS VARSITY: 3rd Overall •

9th Isaiah Moyer, 19:28.16

12th Tyler Timson, 19:37.35

16th Cole Hansen, 20:02.48

25th Justus Hampton, 20:34.75

32nd Silas Steinert, 21:42.67

41st Jaxon Schrader, 22:20.85

42nd Simon Steinert, 22:22.20