NFL loaded with parity

By Steve Sell
September 27, 2017

The Kansas City Chiefs and Atlanta Falcons.

That’s it.

Welcome to the NFPL, the National Football Parity League.

After just three weeks of play, they are the only two undefeated teams left. 

Eight teams entered this past week’s play undefeated and nearly all of them were knocked down like bowling pins. 

Some of the games made absolutely no sense. How does Denver, which had made mincemeat out of Dallas the week before, go into Buffalo and lose by double digits? How does Baltimore lose by 37 points to Jacksonville? How does anybody lose to Jacksonville for that matter?

Pittsburgh, my pick to win the Super Bowl, somehow loses to the Chicago Bears, and its offense continues to spin its wheels despite an embarrassment of riches with Ben Roethlisberger, Le'Veon Bell and Antonio Brown. 

Oakland goes across the country and is whipsawed by Washington. Carolina, at home, is popped by previously winless New Orleans. And the most ignominious loss of all was suffered by Miami, which lost to a New York Jets team that all but admits it's tanking the season to get a top draft pick next year.

Of course you do still have some winless teams, but some are not who you would expect.

The New York Giants, I thought, would be a playoff team. But their offense has dried up because of no running game.

The Los Angeles Chargers are good enough to beat anybody, but kicking problems have led to two of the three losses. Their defense was stout against the Chiefs and I can’t see them going winless for very long.

The Cincinnati Bengals, a perennial playoff team in recent years, were scoreless their first two games, then gave away almost a certain win last week to Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers, who had to score in the closing moments to pull it out.

Then you have Cleveland and San Francisco, who are, well Cleveland and San Francisco. They are what we thought they are.

Of the teams whose fans should be concerned, at the top of the list is Seattle. I had the Seahawks representing the NFC in the Super Bowl, but their defense isn’t what it used to be and the offense struggles because of inept line play.

Should New England fans be worried? They should be 1-2 as Houston basically handed them a win on Sunday, and the defense is giving up more than 30 points a game. But since they still have Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, it’s too early to be stressing.

What about Green Bay? The Packers have looked less than overwhelming, though they’ve played a tough schedule. Not much running game and Rodgers has been running for his life.

Dallas, a Super Bowl pick by many, was on its way to a 1-2 start before catching fire in the second half to beat Arizona. Dak Prescott could be experiencing the sophomore jinx.

There’s just no super team this year. What it makes is for a wild and unpredictable season.