SV harriers shine at Halstead

By Steve Sell
September 29, 2017

HALSTEAD — Smoky Valley’s cross country team brought home a plethora of medals on Thursday from the Halstead Invitational.

“It was a good day in Halstead,” Smoky Valley coach Holly Lindquist said. “The Vikes went to race today. The girls ended up with third place, which is a great place to have in this meet.  The boys were also third, which we will take for such a competitive meet.  Towanda-Circle finished first and are ranked first in 4A. We finished two points behind Halstead. I feel comfortable with this because I would rather go into league as the underdog behind Halstead rather than having the target on our back. I am confident that we will give them a run for their money in a couple of weeks.”


• *=medaled •


Team Place-3rd

Hailey Priddy-9th-22:21*

Kajsa Peterson-11th-22:24*

Gracie Lott-13th-22:31*

Nevada Acheson-34th-24:43

Cailey Cornett-42nd-25:38

Taylor Koontz-44th-25:45

• BOYS •

Team Place-3rd

Ryan Heline-5th-17:19*

Josh Peterson-6th-17:22*

Zach Lott-19th-18:29*

Stephen Peterson-21st-18:34*

Ty Miller-23rd-18:35*

Carter Couchman-26th -18:47*

Logan Bodenhamer-47th-19:37

Adin Replogle-6th JV-19:59*

Julian Maldonado-10th JV-20:41*

Laurence Dahlsten-17th JV-21:24*

Gabe Lundberg-23rd JV-21:45*

Cole Brumbaugh-25th JV-21:50*

Logan Rawson-26th JV-21:51

Joseph Hunsecker-64th JV-24:46

Chris Mullen-69th JV-26:04


• 8th GRADE GIRLS-1st •

Breanna Priddy-2nd-14:01*

Gracie Lambert-3rd-14:20*

Savannah Phillips-5th-14:53*

Lydia Peterson-6th-14:53*

Rylee Ebert-7th-15:04*

• 8th GRADE BOYS-1st •

Trayton Miller-6th-12:53*

Caden Kibler-7th-13:07*

Justice Gardner-14th-14:04*

Kellon Johnsen-16th-14:16*

JT Gross-17th-14:17*


Olivia Bengtson-6th-6:43*

• 7th GRADE BOYS •

Trevor Jones-5th-6:03*

Wyatt Johnson-7th-6:06*

Brance Haiden-10th-6:11*

Max Bieker-27th-6:45