MMS netters finish perfect dual season

By Steve Sell
September 29, 2017

SALINA — McPherson Middle School’s girls tennis team finished the dual portion of its season undefeated on Friday with a 19-1 rout of Salina Lakewood.

“This also means that our 11-member eighth-grade group went undefeated in team duals for both of their middle school seasons,” MMS coach Ricardo Sanchez said. “The girls did a very good job of staying focused on the task at hand. The first few games of several of the doubles matches were not played like we normally do, but the girls were able to refocus and finish strong in each of their matches. We had perfect tennis weather and I know the girls were excited to finish our dual season strong.”

MMS hosts the Pioneer League Tournament Monday.

• Singles •

#1-Sydney Achilles won 6-2

#2-Patty Huerta won 6-2

#3-Carley Malm won 6-0

#4-Perrin Schneider won 6-0

#5-Maddie Dobson won 6-0

#6-Taylor Berger won 6-1

#7-Amethyst Hale won 6-0 

#8-Lakynn Lippelmann won 6-0

#9-Taylor Buehrle won 6-0

#10-Grace Witte won 6-0

#11-Emma Wilson won 6-0

#12-Loghan Engelbrecht lost 5-6 (tiebreaker 7-9)

#13-Tyla Lang won 6-2

• Doubles •

#1-Patty Huerta/Perrin Schneider won 6-3

#2-Carley Malm/Sydney Achilles won 6-5 (tiebreaker 7-4)

#3-Maddie Dobson/Taylor Berger won 6-1

#4-Lakynn Lippelmann/Taylor Buehrle won 6-0

#5-Amethyst Hale/Emma Wilson won 6-1

#6-Grace Witte/Amethyst Hale won 6-1

#7-Tyla Lang/Loghan Engelbrecht won 6-0