McPherson receives grant for safe routes to school

By KBBE News
October 08, 2017

The Safe Routes to School project developed by the City of McPherson has been selected for funding and will be included as part of the State of Kansas Transportation Alternative (TA) Program. The project was awarded a maximum federal funding amount of $372,253. The City is responsible for the 20 percent match of $93,063 for a total project cost of $465,316. The City will also be financially responsible for design, right-of-way acquisitions and utility adjustments.

Safe Routes to School is composed of two phases. Phase I included an engineering study to improve routes to school in the Roosevelt Elementary School area. Phase II is the actual construction of nearly 6,000 square yards of sidewalk in the southwest quadrant of the City. 

“This is an exciting opportunity to improve City sidewalks, especially safe routes to school in the Roosevelt district,” noted Public Works Director Jeff Woodward. “We are fortunate to have access to outside funding to help support this type of project.”

The Safe Routes to School grant is the third award to be designated for McPherson related to the Transportation Alternative Program.