Chiefs really are the NFL's best team

By Steve Sell
October 09, 2017

Every break, every bounce and every turnover seems to be going the Kansas City Chiefs’ way.

A week ago I was wondering if the Chiefs truly were the best team in the NFL at the quarter pole as they were the only one without a loss at 4-0.

After going on the road Sunday to outscore the Houston Texans 42-34, maybe the Chiefs really are the best team, not just some early season flash-in-the-pan. And they’re doing it while losing almost one key player a game, this time with Chris Conley being lost with a freakish ruptured achilles, while Travis Kelce could be out with a concussion.

I just look at every win and something strange has happened in every game.

• New England – How often do the Patriots lose at home? Or lose for that matter? How often do the Patriots have a defense as porous as the one the Chiefs shredded?

• Philadelphia — How was it Carson Wentz had his only bad game against the Chiefs? How did the Chiefs win with less than their A-game against an Eagle team that has not lost other than in Kansas City?

• Los Angeles — How often does Philip Rivers throw three interceptions in the first half? How often is continually burned corner Terrance Mitchell going to come up with two picks in a game?

• Washington — How did the Chiefs overcome such a sluggish start? Where did Washington’s Chris Thompson disappear to after having been so sensational the week before?

• Houston — Did anyone imagine the Texans losing their two best defensive players at the start of the game? How often does a team win despite allowing five touchdown passes, albeit the last couple were during garbage time?

The Chiefs are now the trendy pick for the Super Bowl. Alex Smith is playing at the Brady-Rodgers level. Kareem Hunt is looking like the second coming of Emmitt Smth. The patchwork offensive line is holding up despite numerous injuries. Tyreek Hill is the NFL’s most exciting player. I can’t wait when he gets the ball with a step on a defender and watch him leave the poor foe eating his dust.

The defense, while not great, has been good enough, even with Mitchell and Marcus Peters showing cracks as wide as the ground in the hot Arizona desert. Mitchell is becoming the best known defensive back in the NFL because nobody gets targeted more. Peters, while an All-Pro, is an emotional train wreck and has given up three TDs the last two weeks, while seemingly afraid to come up and make a hit. He’s using the Deion Sanders approach of holding a ball carrier up and hoping somebody else comes along to clean up the mess.

The Chiefs, out of necessity, have unearthed a wunderkind place-kicker in somebody named Harrison Butker, who goes by “” It’s kind of nice to have a kicker with a bit of an edge to him. Since nerverously missing his first kick, Butker has indeed kicked some butt and launched kickoff after kickoff out of the end zone and into the seats.

Kansas City now gets old nemesis Pittsburgh on Sunday at Arrowhead, which ended the Chiefs’ season last year. But something seems to be off about the Steelers. Big Ben doesn’t seem to have his heart in the game and Antonio Brown is wearing his heart on his sleeve with his disgust. The Steelers lost 30-9 at home on Sunday to the Jaguars — REALLY! — and Le’Veon Bell is looking merely mortal after doing a Barry Sanders impersonation last year.

Hey, the Royals won the World Series after 29 years of pure torture. Why can’t the Chiefs win the Super Bowl after 48 years of futility?